Kiama U3A

TALKS – Term 4 – 2017



16th October,2017  –  TEAM RUBICON AUSTRALIA — Sean O’Loughlin

From the moment a disaster occurs, to the time large aid organisations are on the ground, there is a gap which needs to be bridged.  Military veterans combined with medical first responders bridge this gap.  Deployed rapidly to disaster locations, they provide immediate humanitarian relief, giving new purpose and identity to Veteran Community.


23rd October, 2017  –   3D PRINTING —  Adam Taylor

From Mass Customisation to Tailor Made Biomedical Devices – The Applications and Evolution of Additive Fabrication. This talk will outline the key concepts and methods involved in a variety of 3D printing techniques as well as typical materials involved in each process.  In doing so, we identify industries in which tailored 3D printing solutions may create a tremendous impact.  To address this growing interest, we discuss materials and printer development and their potential effect for a variety of users from surfboard fins to musical instruments and cartilage regeneration, demonstrating that applications for this technology are growing rapidly.


30th October, 2017  –  TALES ABOUT TAPESTRIES —  Margaret Silburn & Wendy Leatheam

Explore the history of tapestry making and the fascinating, sometimes dramatic stories behind their creation – both Ancient and Modern.



We are going sadly, not to the Pacific Islands but to explore the Upper Shoalhaven River.  Following the cruise, Captain Michael will drop us off at the Dish and Spoon cafe for lunch.  Cost of Cruise: $29 per person – Cost of Bus to Nowra: $25 per person.


13th November, 2017 –  IS DOG OWNERSHIP BENEFICIAL FOR HUMAN HEALTH? — Lauren Powell

Many dog owners believe their pets make them happier and healthier!  Does scientific evidence support this?  Discuss current research of dog ownership on three areas of health: physical activity, cardio vascular health, and mental wellbeing.


20th November, 2017  –  A TRIP TO ISRAEL AND THE MIDDLE EAST — Gareth Ward MP

The Member for Kiama, Gareth Ward will outline his experiences whilst leading a recent delegation of young leaders to Israel and the Middle East.


 27th November, 2017  –  A GAME WITHOUT RULES?  — Ian Brown

Social media attacks on Modern Corporations by pressure groups and single issue campaigners are the new power which influences public opinion.  Are these attacks an inevitable part of business life today and in the future?  How should modern corporations respond to protect their reputations, whilst acknowledging their responsibilities to customers, shareholders and the community?                           


 4th December,2017  – CHRISTMAS LUNCH — Gerroa Boat Fishermans Club

2 Course Lunch, $30 each member, drinks at own expense.   11.30am for 12noon.  Bookings: Charles Walker – 0488445655.



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