Kiama U3A

TALKS – Term 2 – 2018



7th May, 2018  –  THE STASI – East Germany’s Secret Police  —  Ken Jeffrey *

The STASI was the most pervasive and arguably the most effective police system in history.  Without the STASI, it is doubtful if the East German regime would have lasted as long as it did.


14th May, 2018 –  COMMUNITY POLICING —  Jane Keating

The role of the Crime Prevention Officer is to attend local meetings such as U3A and help the community with home safety as well as introduce them to the various programs the Police Department have to offer.


21st May, 2018  –  DEEP FREEZE  —  John Smith

The talk will present the topic of “Cryopreservation”.

  •  An outline of the main science principles involved in cryopreservation
  •  A description of the equipment involved and a number of freezing methods used.
  •  A summary of the types of cells that have been successfully frozen.
  •  An overview of the variation in freezability between types of cells, species and individuals.
  •  A discussion as to whether SCIENCE or ART.


28th May, 2018 –  THE PAINTERS OF THE SPANISH CIVIL WAR   —  Patricia Henderson

Pablo Picasso, Jean Miro and Salvador Dali were pioneers of the surrealist movement in Spain, painting in bold colours and using unconventional imagery.  To these painters the Spanish civil war was a reality they could not ignore.  Their paintings mask (or draw attention to?) the political realities of Spain at this destructive time, and later under the Nationalists.



Family owned and operated “Storybook Alpacas” is a working alpaca farm where you can experience country life in a relaxed rural setting.  Walk an alpaca, feed an alpaca, read to an alpaca, hug an alpaca, maybe even bottle feed a youngster.  Transport to and from will be by hired coach so numbers will be limited.

  • Depart: NKNC 9.30am by coach   –  Arrive: 10.30am at Alpaca Farm
  • Depart: 2.30pm farm  –  Arrive: 3.30pm approx. NKNC
  • Cost: Coach: $25 – Entry to farm including two course luncheon $45
  • Total payable enrolment day 30th April or 1st May — $70


11th June, 2018  –   THE HISTORY OF THE ALBERT HALL  —  Rosemary McCulloch 

This gigantic Victorian building stages much more than just the BBC Proms – tennis matches, boxing motor shows and the Miss World contest are just some of the events held there.


 18th June, 2018  –   MEDIEVAL GARDENS  —   Wendy Leatheam *

Wendy takes us back to the Middle Ages and shares the amazing gardens which were part of castles, palaces, monasteries and grand houses.  The talk will focus on the importance that gardens, both utilitarian and ornamental, have played in people’s lives throughout history.  It will be complemented by extensive illustrations, art works and photographs.                      


 25th June, 2018  –  MARINE RESCUE NSW – The State’s official volunteer marine rescue service—John Aldridge

MRNSW is an independent not-for-profit, volunteer emergency service organisation.  It was formed in 2010 by the amalgamation of the then existing 3 similar and competing organisations:  Aust Volunteer Coast Guard, Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol, Volunteer Rescue Association (Marine Division).  It now has 44 strategically located Units along the NSW coast and on some high risk inland waterways providing:-

  • A marine search and rescue emergency service
  • 24hr marine radio monitoring via the State’s Marine Radio Network
  • The State’s only Log On and Vessel Tracking safety service
  • Essential Boating Safety Education and Advocacy



* Members of Kiama U3A