Kiama U3A

About Kiama U3A Inc.


What is U3A?
U3A (University of the Third Age) is a worldwide self-help, non-profit, adult learning for pleasure movement that began in France in 1971 and has since spread to many countries.
Who can attend?
Anyone who wishes to keep their mind active and is interested in learning for pleasure. Most members are 50 years plus. There are no formal qualifications needed or examinations.
What form does U3A take?
Most of our activities are held at the North Kiama Neighbourhood Centre, Meehan Drive, Kiama Downs.
We hold talks on various subjects given by guest speakers and members of the community on Monday afternoons from 2.00p.m. to 4.00 p.m. covering a wide range of interesting subjects.
Courses: These vary each school term and cover a diverse range of subjects such as History, Music, Tai Chi, Tap Dancing, Sciences and Travel to name just a few.
Updates of our courses and Monday talks are found on the Courses and Talks page of this website.
Does U3A offer other activities?
Yes, once a term, we have an excursion to a place of interest, and, some terms we offer other varied activities such as game afternoons, a walking/swimming group and movies.
Program Structure:
Our programs run on a 4 term year, to correspond with school terms.
Most courses are 4, 6 or 8 sessions, 2 hours per session.
We run our talks and courses mainly at the North Kiama Neighbourhood

What does it cost?

Membership at Kiama U3A is $25 per annum, due in January each year.
Membership Fees when joining in 2nd Term – $25, in 3rd or 4th Term – $12.50
A gold coin is charged for Talks on Monday afternoons.
Course Fees: $12 for a 6-8 week course and $6 for a 4 week course.
Enrolment days are held on the Monday (2.00-4.00 pm) and Tuesday (2.00-3.00 pm) of the first week of each school term.   Courses and Monday Talks commence on the second week of each school term.

We publish a newsletter, free of charge to members, 4 times a year, its main purpose is to inform members of activities.

Put simply it means that U3A is not aligned with any political party or organisation, or religious group.  Of course U3A must be free to discuss particular issues of the day, or run courses such as Comparative Religion, the historical Jesus or Understanding Islam,  Such courses do not espouse any particular viewpoint.
It is also appropriate for U3As to invite local Councillors and MPs, many of whom actively support U3As in their electorates, to U3A functions, but not during election campaigns, and not to campaign for those representatives.
U3A also has the right to be critical of government policy if it adversely affects us and to encourage or lobby all political parties to promote good policies for older people and their wellbeing.
Extract from Network U3A newsletter ‘Newslink’ May 2015
How to contact us:

The best way is to contact one of the following and come as a visitor to one of our stimulating Monday Talks. 



President:                                Laurie Gilbert                    4232 1164

Vice President:                         Charles Walker                  0488 445 655

Secretary:                                Patricia Thorton                0404 158 739

Asst.Secretary:                         Pamela Baxter                 0430 198 04

Treasurer:                                Janie Wunderlich              0412 010 089

Asst.Treasurer:                         Susan Barton                    4293 1086

Talks Coordinator:                     John Smith                      4234 4881

Course Coordinator:                  John Pritchett                    4237 7441

Excursions Coordinator:             Brian Cowling                   4232 1843

Newsletter Editor                       Pamela Wray                     42633418

Membership Secretary:              Charles Walker                  0488 445 655

Publicity Officer:                         Margaret Jay                   0413 187 148