Kiama U3A

Learn, Laugh, Live

Instructions for Membership & Course Enrolment



Reason – New Members no longer require two signatures of existing members. the membership will be ratified by the Committee.

1.  Membership Section

1.  Please complete your name, address, phone number(s) and email.
(This will help us to keep your information up to date).        

 2.   Please nominate a contact person and phone number.     
(In the event of a medical emergency an ambulance will be called.)
(U3A will try and contact the person to advise of Medical Emergency.)

  3.    Please re-enter your name at the bottom of the form for a receipt.
(You may not require a receipt but U3A is obliged to issue one, please help)

  4.   Contributions to Talks, Courses or Committee work.
(As a continuing member you have the opportunity to signify our willingness to help).
(Resources are available within U3A to assist with Talk or Course Presentations).


2.   Courses Section

 1. The course information provided is only a summary to help at enrolment.  Full details are in the Newsletter or on our Website.
 2.  Mark your chosen Courses with an X and enter the course fee in the right hand column.
 3.  Sum the total of the Membership and Course Fees and enter in the boxes at the bottom.


3.   Payment Section

 1.  Please enter your name and check your arithmetic.
 2.  The form will be stamped paid.
 3.  The bottom section will be cut off and will be your receipt.


4.   General

 1.  At entrolment as a continuing member you will be issued with a new badge.           
  2.  Please bring your badge along to enrolment.
  3.  The badge is evidence that you are a financial member and we urge you to wear it at all U3A events.
  4.  Your badge also helps with identification for new and not so new members.
  5.  Some badge holders with clips instead of pins will be available on enrolment day.
  6.  Forms will be available on enrolment day and people will be assigned to help with completion and arithmetic.