Kiama U3A

Talks – Term 2 – 2019


6th May, 2019 – THE SING WIRE: — Stuart Traynor, Wollongong U3A

Stuart was a long-time Alice Springs resident and was the senior officer in charge of community education in the Conservation Commission of the Northern Territory.  He was honoured with life membership of the Australian Association for Environmental Education and recognition from the Alice Springs Town Council for his community service work.  Stuart will tell us about an audacious move in 1870 by the South Australian colonial government made.  It took the bold decision to string an iron wire from Adelaide to Port Darwin to connect with the communication cable being laid from England to Australia’s north coast.  Stringing that solitary wire across the silent heart of the continent was a momentous event in the country’s history.

13th May, 2019 –  RICHARD III the real man — Susan Barton  *

Susan was a History and English teacher in England then worked as an Educator/Consultant in State and Independent schools in Australia.  Her talk will be on putting the record straight.  A fresh look at the life of the last king of England to die in battle on English soil.  Was he only “Dick the Bad”?  What do we owe him in Australia today?

20th May, 2019 – Lenin – His Life and Legacy — Ken Jeffrey *

Ken retired after a career in IT.  Since then he has enjoyed voluntary work and giving talks and courses for U3A,   He loves the research involved in the preparation of these talks.  Wherever you go in Russia today you meet Lenin: you can even meet him face-to-face in Red Square.  Despite the end of the Soviet Union 28 years ago, Lenin’s Image and name follow you everywhere.  Famous for being the leader of the 1917 Revolution, 100 years later his legacy lives on, in all it’s terrible contradictions.


Mary is an amateur photographer who loves travel photography.  She began the Bay and Basin camera club in Jervis bay.  Mary will give a visual presentation of a photographic trip across Sweden and Norway near the arctic circle in February.

3rd June, 2019 – EXCURSION  TBA

10th June, 2019 – LIFE WITH 3D PRINTING — Professor Jun Chen: UOW

Professor Chen is the Head of Postgraduate Studies at the Intelligent Polymer Research Institute  – ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science, Australian Institute of Innovative Materials, UOW.  His research interests include: Electro-/Bio- Interfaces/Materials, 2D/3D Printing Nano/Micro-Chips, and Design and Fabrication of Smart Wearable Electronic Devices.  Professor Chen has been identified in the 2018 Highly Cited Researchers list from Clarivate Analytics.  His talk will focus on the introduction and perspective of How could the 3D Printng technology potentially influence our general life to much more wellbeing in the future?”

17th June, 2019 – SHARING CITIES: REIMAGINING THE CITY AS A COMMONS — Inka Santala: PhD student UOW

Inka is a PhD Candidate at the UOW.  Her research project explores Sharing Cities and the potential of community-based sharing initiatives to create new capacities and agency in the urban political context.  During the project, Inka has been working with a community-based initiative “Share Sydney” to create an asset map of all the sharing resources around the city of Sydney.  Inka’s presentation will explore a new urban imaginary of the ‘Sharing Cities’ and discuss the variety of ways sharing can and is currently being realised in urban space.  It will address questions such as “Would you like to share more while saving money and the planet?” The so-called ‘sharing economy’ seems to offer new opportunities for people to share their space, skills and property effectively and reliably with their peers while challenging the norms related to ownership and consumption.

24th June, 2019 – AQUACULTURE OR SEX AND SHELLFISH — John Smith  *

John is a retires scientist with 56 years of research experience in the control of reproduction in shellfish and domestic animals.  He was Awarded the New Zealand Science and Technology Medal in 2007 by the Royal Society of New Zealand.  John will present an overview of the reproductive life cycle of shellfish and the development of techniques for the artificial rearing of shellfish.  Then a description of the commercial aquaculture and science development at the Cawthron Aquaculture research park and an update on the current research programmes there.

*denotes Kiama U3A Members