Covid Update – 2022

Dear Members and New Members we are pleased to confirm that Kiama U3A will resume activities for Term 2, Mon 2 May to Friday June, with Registration on Tuesday 26 and Wednesday 27 April to avoid ANZAC Day on 25 April.

There are 14 varied courses on offer plus 8 Talks, which are now treated as a Course. Most of the favourite courses are returning plus a few new courses, such as Poetry Appreciation, Photography, Yoga and A Taste of Tai Chi, and John Smith will continue his excellent Course on Genetics Genes and DNA. The long awaited excursion to HARS is planned for 23 May.

We are very grateful to all the course leaders and speakers who have made this possible.

For Covid reasons Masks will be worn at indoor events and proof of Triple Vaccination must be shown as a condition of Membership.

The Badge then becomes a confirmation of Vaccination and will be used for that purpose and will be used to identify you at sign-on to each of the Courses, therefore Badges must be worn to all events and, to avoid damage to clothing from pins and clips, a Kiama U3A Lanyard will be issued to each Member.

Enrolment unfortunately cannot be the social gathering we are used to, there will be no Coffee and Biscuits and no Sausages, there will be a check point for Vaccination Certificates and entry to the Hall will be restricted to avoid crowding.

Payment by Debit/Credit Card is strongly preferred.

We trust you will not find these necessary measures too irksome, and it is front of mind that our Membership mainly falls in the Covid Category of Vulnerable (not that we all like to acknowledge that fact) and the virus is still very much with us.

I hope to see you at enrolment.

Charles Walker – President Kiama U3A.